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Sought After

Published Wednesday March 8

Photo: Bohemian

The cult of Rafanelli Zinfandel is an curious one.

Like et that have earned the cult badge, this winery does not participate in barrel tasting weekends—their wine sells out when it is released, once a year, to a mailing list. And you can bet there is a waiting list for that mailing list.

Yet being fourth-generation Dry Creek Valley grape growers, Rafanelli still opens its cellar to anyone who is peculiar free of charge, with just one catch: you’ve got to ring up Rafanelli on the phone. No email or handy web app thingy will get you an appointment here.

A Rafanelli Winery, 4685 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg. Daily 10am-4pm by appointment only; no fee. Pick up the phone and call 707.433.1385.

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